With some thought and careful consideration, buying a used car can often be a better deal than buying a new one-if you keep in mind these seven things to consider when you're buying a used car.

Budget: Figure out what you can afford and stick to it. This includes fuel, insurance, registration, and potential repairs.

Needs: Take stock of your lifestyle and look for the cars most capable of serving it well. Do you have a family? Are you into outdoor sports? Do you have an elderly parent or a baby? How far do you drive to work everyday?

Research: With the above considerations in mind, which models seem most likely to fit within your needs? Before you go out and test drive anything, figure out which cars are most likely to fit well with what your life dictates. Then look on the Internet to see if they have any significant maintance of which you need to be aware. It's also when you'll find out what the car is worth, so you can make an intelligent offer.

Test Drives: It's generally best to shop within your immediate area. It makes getting to the cars easier, it makes getting the car serviced easier, and when you go for test drives you'll likely be on familiar roads.

Vehicle History Report: Find out quickly if the car has been flood damaged, maintained reasonably well, stolen, repossessed, or sold at auction. A good vehicle history report can give you the breakdown on a car's entire lifecycle from the time it was fist sold. You don't have to ask for the CarFax report, we give it to you up front. 

Warranty Coverage: If the car is a relatively late model, odds are good there's some factory warranty coverage left on certain aspects of the car. This can be a very valuable tool for creating peace of mind. Used car extended warranties can be a good buy too, just make sure they cover the problem areas you found during your research. Every Pre-Owned at Bob Mills Mitsubishi comes with 24 Month, 24,000 Mile Warranty and FREE oil changes. Ask for details, excludes diesels and most sports cars. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Among the most important things to consider when buying a used car, having a potential purchase inspected by a trusted professional mechanic well versed in the model of your choice is always a good idea. People who see and drive a particular car everyday are more likely to pick up on potential problems you may have missed during your test drive. Here at Bob Mills Mitsuvbishi we preforma a 110 Point inspection on every pre-owned on the lot. 

Keeping these seven things to consider when buying a used car in mind will help you get the best possible deal. This is why Bob Mills Mitsubishi is here to help! Our used car inventory is there for you to check out and our service department can also do pre-purchase inspections, as well.  Stop by and see what set us apart.

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